Meet the Artist / Owner

Master Trainer - Gold Board - CAAM | 17x Certified in Permanent Cosmetic Technical Arts

Madèl has spent over 12 Years perfecting her skills in the Artworld of Permanent Cosmetics and Eyelash Extensions which are her very own Signature procedures and Trainings. She is the Co-Founder/ Owner of Creme Lashes Inc from one of the premiere spots in Northern New Jersey - One block away from the Infamous George Washington Bridge.

Her High Quality Signature Techniques is similar to Degas philosophy of subject matter in intricacies of Style, Art and Lasting Expressions.
Madèl’s passion drives her highest quality of work Trainings & Service where very few competitors can reach with over 4,700 clients of Permanent Cosmetics and Custom Eyelash Extension Procedures from Almaty, Kazakhstan, Moscow, Athens, Greece, New York & New Jersey.


Meet the Grand Master Trainer / Educator

Platinum Board - CMI | 22+ years

Introducing Ina Vez Grand Master Trainer/ Educator has been in Permanent Cosmetics Industry for over 23 years. Board Certified - Platinum Status Instructor AAM - American Academy of Micropigmentation.

Ina Vez is currently employed at Crème Lashes Inc and services the company in Trainings only for Permanent Cosmetics in Fundamentals.
Highly sought after Platinum experience in the Art of Trainings from Azerbaijan, Rome, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida & New Jersey.