Crème Lashes Inc. is a Leading Provider of Permanent Makeup Services and State Licensed Trainings for 100 Fundamental hours in the State of New Jersey as well as Master Technique Trainings. Most Comprehensive staff of EurAsian - Russo with a splash of Latin.

At Crème Lashes Inc., we take pride in providing our clients with the best Training & Services possible while maintaining an atmosphere that is friendly to all people - no matter their age or gender identity.

We offer services from Permanent Makeup Lips, Brows & Delicate EyeLiner for women and men alike, at affordable prices and State Licensed Trainings for Beginners and Experienced Artists that need the newest techniques and brush up on their skill level.

Free Consultation and Financing Available.


Owner/ Co-Founder Madèl - Master Artist Gold CAAM - 17x Certified in Permanent Makeup Services.

Our Grand Master Artist Ina Vez of 22 years experienced is AAM/ CMI Platinum Certified Trainer.

We also hold Trainings for Eyelash Extensions from 48x Certified Grand Master Artist Madèl.